Workplace startups to watch

Workplace startups to watch

The world of facilities management (or workplace if you are so inclined, but that’s another article) is a large and varied one. It is also a world that appreciates the rigour and process that Homyze has always tried to bring to residential property maintenance. This is an industry that also benefits from efficient allocation of resources and maximising utilisation of trade professionals. Perhaps even more importantly, it also shares the objective of maximising inhabitants’ or tenants feelgood factor. It just happens that this time it is the workplace rather than the home which is platform for engagement.

We are not alone in trying to improve employee productivity and the operational efficiency of the office. In that regard, we wanted to bring your attention to some of the other operators within this space for which we have tremendous respect for the mission of methods of execution.

Managed by Q (and Hivy)

Managed by Q

For some employees, happiness at work includes a well-stocked fruit bowl or a longer HDMI cable. For others it is getting that light fixed in the stairwell. Managed by Q and Hivy help you make these requests or report these issues. It is at the point of reporting these issues, or logging maintenance requests where HomyzePro typically gets involved but we are grateful for the efficiency with which we can have these work requests delivered.


slack logo

Once you start using slack, you cannot imagine that there was a time that you didn’t use slack. Whether it be allowing new joiners to get up to speed quickly with access to messaging history available on a channel (no more ‘cold start’ email inboxes and adding them to numerous distribution lists); collating lunch orders or logging maintenance issues, slack is the place where all this magic can happen.


Hubble logo

When launching a new company (assuming it is your first), getting an office is an exciting milestone. For most however, that excitement quickly fades when they enter the draconian and deceptive world of office leasing. This is where Hubble can help. It takes a lot of the pain away with a focus on leases that work, removing some of the surprises in leasing turn and making office viewing exciting once again.


Equiem logo

Like good customers, good tenants are hard to find. And when you find them, you want to hold onto them. Historically, contact has been limited between signing a new lease and moving on, up our out at the end of the lease. This has been an opportunity for tenant engagement apps such as Equiem to help deliver the community that the modern workplace strives to offer.


Convene logo

The tech world has seen ‘the rise of the platform’ and now this ideology is moving into the built world as well. This is where Convene plays – at the intersection of flexible workspace and as a  platform for creativity (and business). With assets at the price levels they are, assets need to work harder. Add to this the blending of work and social lives and Convene is well-placed to be a leader in the workplace world of tomorrow.